Publish Your Work

Lion Publications, Defense Lion Publications and Lion-by-Lion Publishing are all full service publishing companies who bridge the gap between Self-Publishing firms that have dominated the recent publishing scene and Traditional Publishing companies who are so very difficult to break into. If you have at least one work that you would like published, please contact us at: to discuss your project.

Lion Pubs publishes the following works through three separate US Trade Marks:
  1. Publish-on-demand books
    • Paperback in black and white with color covers
    • Paperback in full color
    • Hardcopy in black and white with color wrappers
    • Hardcopy in full color with colored wrappers
    • We offer an assortment of sizes and paper qualities to suit any requirement
    • e-books
Lion Publications provides the following services:
  1. Cover Design
  2. Layout
  3. Editing Services
  4. Copy Editing Services
  5. Marketing
To receive a copy of our standard author's publishing contract, pricing for our services or for general discussions on how you can turn your manuscripts or ideas into polished and professional works, please contact us at: One of our experienced representatives will be standing by to assist you.

We are looking for talented authors and other entrepreneurs who are serious about publishing their manuscripts and other works. We have a staff of seasoned Editors, Copy Editors, Client Liaisons and an on staff Graphic Designer who have unsurpassed experience in taking ideas or manuscripts from their raw form and transforming them to works that are as professional as traditional publishers; at the cost and ease of other Self-Publishing firms.

Lion Publications wants to see you succeed and to get you published. Contact us today.