Lion Publications is creating a new model in publishing that bridges the gap between the traditional book publishing industry and the new "publishing on demand" groups. Lion Publications aspires to combine the distribution and publicity advantages of conventional publishing with the open access methodology that empowers more authors to reach their intended audience by means of multiple formats and publishing methods.

As an already-established publisher, Lion Publications is in a unique position to exploit its standing to promote new products to a wide professional and commercial audience. Lion Publications will use the publish on demand business model to create e-books; publish-on-demand books, guides, journals, newspapers, magazines, newsletters and multimedia presentations. We operate on the basis of a standard author's contract that pays authors an agreed royalty and an advance upon those royalties accrued when their books sell. We take advantage of a global print network and provide worldwide distribution so that authors can reach readers just about anywhere, including on, Barnes & Noble and the iBookstoreSM. Lion Publications has well-established facilities that can provide assistance with cover design, editing, copy-editing, formatting and layout.

Using this combined publishing model, Lion Publications can make publishing your own book quick and easy. Once we have your copy, we can copy-edit and format your book, provide a cover design and promote it on the international market. Lion Publications can also convert your book into an eBook and distribute your eBook in EPUB and Kindle formats making it compatible with the Apple iPad, Sony Reader, Nook, Stanza and more. Lion Publications offers all the convenience of publish on demand with the publicity and distribution services of an established publishing operation.